There are very few things that I like more than spending time in nature with my two kids.

My son, a lively ten year old loves mountain biking, exploring and building caves in the snow. My daughter, who is just 16 months old, loves the feeling of dirt on her toes and the wind in her hair.

I love watching them play, laugh and learn while they explore the world around them, and I know that this type of learning is vitally important for them as they grow up.

kids running outside dusk field
The days of going out and playing and coming home when the street lights come on is gone.

I also know that kids don’t get these experiences as much as they used to. In so many neighbourhoods, the days of going out and playing and coming home when the street lights come on is gone. That means that kids are losing vital outdoor time to learn about themselves and the world around them.

That’s why the Canadian Wildlife Federation started the WILD Family Nature Club program here in Canada. Every week, in communities across our country, families get together to explore and enjoy the world around them. Each week, programming is supported by hosts — people like you and I who just want to be outside, and want to share their time outside with friends.

kids outside nature
Start a Wild Family Nature Club in your area.

Start a Club

I’d like to invite you to start a club in your community by becoming a host. There are so many benefits:

  1. You know that there will be a club in your community, because you started it.
  2. You’ll get to meet other moms and dads who enjoy time outside with their kids. So many parents tell me that they’ve made so many new friends in family nature clubs!
  3. Want to go hiking with people who know how to change diapers in the backcountry? We’ve got you covered!
  4. Likewise, be with people who understand that your kid is having a meltdown, has a cold or just isn’t up to it today.
  5. Our programs are fully insured and we give you training so you’re not going into their programming without support. We want to make it easier for you!

There are so many more benefits that I just don’t have space to fill. We’d love to have you join us. Learn more at Wild Family Nature Club page, or sign up with our partner Taking it Global.