The Canadian Wildlife Federation’s mission is to conserve and inspire the conservation of Canada’s wildlife and habitats for the use and enjoyment of all. We engage over 575,000 people and reach over 2.5 million each year who join us in working from coast to coast to maintain something very important — a bright future for Canada’s wildlife.

The Canadian Wildlife Federation believes in conserving Canada’s wildlife and encourages the wise use of our natural resources. We believe in living sustainably for future generations. Canadians should be able to enjoy the outdoors for all it has to offer through gardening, hiking, fishing, canoeing, camping, bird watching, swimming, wildlife photography, and so much more.

Since our inception in 1962, we have worked diligently to foster this Canadian way of life. We deliver programs that encourage people to experience the great outdoors, learn about the wonders of nature and the trials it faces.  We also challenge government and industry to improve legislation and practices that negatively impact wildlife and habitat. We conduct and sponsor scientific research to help better understand how we may help wildlife.

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