It’s hot out there isn’t it? Your garden could use a little help when the temperatures rise. So grab an iced tea (for your own refreshment!), and give your backyard a helping hand! Here are seven things you should do for your garden as summer wanes:

  • Prepare a snake den or toad hibernaculum for overwintering amphibians and reptiles.
  • Top up ponds during dry spells.
  • If your water supply is limited, you may safely let your lawn go brown. This is a natural and protective dormancy. Grasses have evolved to survive summer droughts and will revive in rainy, cooler weather.
  • Clean hummingbird feeders and change nectar often in hot weather. Learn about the beautiful native plants you can include in your garden to attract them.
  • Water container plants daily and fertilize every two weeks.
  • Avoid moving plants in the heat of summer. Mark the plants that need to be split or moved so that you can identify them once cooler fall weather comes.
  • Prepare beds for fall planting by adding compost.

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