Interested in learning more about migratory birds? Well, you don’t have to “wing” it!

In celebration of World Migratory Bird Day on May 9, we’ve put together another set of videos, activities and DIY projects to help you learn more about our feathered friends and take action to support their conservation.


In 1917, Canada signed the Migratory Birds Convention Act – a law to protect migratory birds from hunting, trafficking and commercialization. Check out this webisode from Hinterland Who’s Who to learn more about this historic international initiative and why bird conservation efforts are still so important today.


Families can brush up on their bird knowledge with these interactive lessons and activities. Practice your observational skills by learning about basic bird features, identify some of the bird species that live in your area, and map their migratory journeys!

  • Wingy About Birds – Develop your observation skills by learning to recognize basic bird behaviours and characteristics!
  • Home on the Range – What is the difference between a bird’s territory and its range? Through research and role-playing, kids will learn about some of the birds in their community.
  • Say it With a Song – A great way to identify birds is by their songs! Through this listening exercise, kids can learn local birdsongs and understand their meanings.
  • Migrators – Through this fun mapping activity, kids will learn why many birds migrate in the winter, then trace their migratory routes.
  • Are We Disturbing Birds? – Kids will identify some things affecting local birds in their community and brainstorm ways to address or improve these issues.


female bluebird bird house

While birds are some of the most watched and beloved of Canada’s wildlife species, over 25 per cent of native bird species are declining rapidly – especially shorebirds, grassland birds and aerial insectivores (birds that eat insects while in the air).

Thankfully, there are simple things you can do to have a positive impact on birds and help reduce population decline. Check out the projects below for some inspiration!

bird stickers

For younger kids (and the young at heart!)

For older kids & adults

Get Outside

girl outside inspire

Whether you live in the country or the city, birds are nearby and provide a great reason to get outside and observe wildlife close to home! We hope these simple activities help inspire you to embark on a backyard birding expedition with your family!

  • Go outside and close your eyes – listen for bird sounds.
  • Collect twigs, grass and leaves to build your own bird’s nest!
  • Pretend you are a bird in the sky. How different would it be to see your neighbourhood from above?

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