What is…

…out of sight

…constantly working 

…something that can impact water quality, pose health risks to people and can contaminate drinking water, if it isn’t maintained?

If you guessed septic systems – you’re right!

Even though they’re out of sight, it is important not to forget about them. Whether you have a septic tank or a holding tank, there’s information here for you.

septic system
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Why it’s important to maintain your septic system

If you love your lake you will want to make sure your septic system is functioning properly. Improperly treated wastewater contain bacteria, viruses, phosphorus and nitrogen. Inadequate treatment can result in an overabundance of weeds and algal blooms that can make a lake unpleasant for swimming and boating. Inadequate treatment also affects water quality and habitats for wildlife, not to mention health risks like hepatitis and dysentery.

How to maintain your septic system

Maintaining your septic system is your responsibility! Follow these helpful tips to make sure your septic system keeps functioning properly.

What to do if your septic system isn’t working properly

It’s time to call for help if:

  • Your toilets or drains are backed up
  • You have foul smells in the house
  • You find soft or spongy ground over the drain field,
  • Your drain field has patches of abnormally healthy-looking grass on it
  • There’s surface water leaking into the holding tank
  • You are requesting fewer than normal pump outs on your holding tank

septic system

Who you call may vary depending on where you live but it will likely be one of these agencies:

  • A licensed firm that pumps out septic/holding tanks or that installs and repairs septic systems
  • Board of Health
  • Municipal Building Department
  • Conservation Authority

Keep in mind that you may need to get a permit, depending on the type of repairs.

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