What is your connection to nature?

Whether it’s time spent in a backyard hideaway or family trips to one of Canada’s iconic parks, our personal connections with nature shape who we are, both individually and as Canadians.

This week we invite you to celebrate Canadian Environment Week (June 1-7) with your family and friends by learning more about Canada’s wild spaces from home and discovering simple ways to connect with nature nearby.


What’s your favorite memory in nature? Through this fun animated video, you can learn more about #NatureForAll – a global movement to inspire a love of nature – and start a conversation with your family about why you love nature and why protecting it is so important.


Let Canada’s special places be your inspiration for at-home learning! With these activities and lesson plans, kids and adults alike can build their observation skills on a field trip to a nearby natural area, learn about protected areas in Canada, and plan a future trip to one of these scenic spots by researching and developing a detailed itinerary.

girl outside sitting under trees

  • Discover and Explore a Special Space – Take a field trip into a local park to find a special wild space near you and get to know it! This activity encourages kids to learn about habitat, connect with the space, and record their observations, thoughts and feelings.
  • Protecting Our Special Spaces – How should we treat wild spaces? In this activity students are presented with two conflicting perspectives and encouraged to discuss resolutions to a dilemma.
  • Wild Places in Canada – With this resource, families can learn how wild spaces are protected at the local, provincial/territorial, national and international levels.
  • Create a Wild Adventure – Protected areas are found right across the country! This activity invites learners of all ages to plan a future trip to one of Canada’s protected areas by researching and developing a trip itinerary.


campfire by cabin

Ongoing physical distancing guidelines may limit your ability to explore some of Canada’s special places this summer, but there are still many ways to connect with nature at or close to home! From your backyard to local parks and trails, we’ve put together a list of DIY ideas to help inspire your next family adventure.

  • Backyard Camping – Whether you’re new to camping or a seasoned veteran, pitching a tent in your backyard is a great way to introduce kids to camping and enjoy your outdoor space in a new way!
  • Join a Bioblitz – Turn your next outing into a citizen science expedition by taking part in a virtual bioblitz!
  • CWF Photo Club – Practice your wildlife photography skills by joining our community of photographers and receiving helpful tips.
  • Wild Family Nature Club – Looking for ways to get outside with young kids? Join the club and gain access to loads of family-friendly nature play activities!                              

Get Outside

woman outside sleep grass

There are so many ways to connect with nature — and some are surprisingly simple! Why not make time in your day for a special moment in nature by trying these simple activities?

  • Bring a meal or a snack outside and enjoy being in nature while you eat it.
  • Find a soft spot to lay down on the grass and practice cloud-gazing.
  • Take a moment to think about your favourite place in nature. Draw a picture or write about it, then share it with your family and friends!

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