cecropia moth
our cecropia moth visitor with its feathery antennae, soft fuzzy legs and body and beautiful patterning on its wings

This week our headquarters had a great surprise – a visit from a cecropia moth. One of Canada’s largest moths, their wingspan can be approximately 15 cm wide! Our moth conveniently stayed put for 2 days, first on the ground and then hanging in a small ash tree mixed with our elms and maples. CWF’s facebook post on it got tons of attention, so we thought a few more photos and facts would be good!

Cecropia moths (Hyalophora cecropia) only live for a week or two as adults, with their sole purpose being mating and laying eggs. Adult moths don’t have mouth parts and never eat. They are native from Alberta to Nova Scotia and can be found around maple, apple, birch and poplar trees, among others, where they lay their eggs and caterpillars feed.

cecropia moth
cecropia moth – you can see its eyes and feathery antennae

I love how you can see its eyes which are dark bluish looking.

cecropia moth
cecropia moth – its belly is intricately patterned!

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