After more than 16 years of scientific study, public engagement and government review, it is fantastic news that the governments of Canada and the United States are adopting Plan 2014 to regulate water levels and flows through the Moses-Saunders Dam located on the St. Lawrence River at Cornwall, Ontario to the benefit of wildlife, navigation, and hydropower.

The water level rules had not been updated since the 1950s and were causing unnatural flooding and drying patterns, resulting in a decline in wetlands and other habitat and negatively affecting fish and wildlife.

Under the new plan, Plan 2014, more natural variation in water levels will be restored to help restore 26,000 hectares of wetlands, improving habitat for wildlife.

Great Blue Heron

Eight years ago we started voicing our concerns on the old water level regulating system, supporting a plan that would do just as Plan 2014 aims to do – return this area to a more natural regime, bringing the ecosystem back to a healthy and biologically diverse system.

We are excited for the positive environmental changes that will ensue from Plan 2014 which is to be put into action in January 2017. A great way to start the year!