Something BIG is happening on International Biodiversity Day. We’re conducting a Canada-wide search for flora and fauna with something called a Virtual BioBlitz.

Normally, a bioblitz takes place in a set location where the public and species experts work together to catalogue as many plant and animal species as possible in a 24 hour time period. With the Virtual BioBlitz, we’ve expanded our search area to the entire country and need a hand from you to log wildlife sightings across Canada.

On May 22, we invite you to get out and discover biodiversity in unexpected places, like in your backyard, at the local park, or on a walk around the neighbourhood. As part of BioBlitz Canada 150, the Virtual BioBlitz lets you get involved even if there is no organized bioblitz in your area or lets you get warmed up for an upcoming bioblitz.

You don’t have to be a nature expert to join us — all you need is a smart phone or digital camera and curiosity about the world around you. (📱or 📷 + 🔎 = 👍)

Go outside any time on May 22 and share photos of all the species you discover on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #BioBlitz150. Our taxonomists (experts on different species) will be online to help identify plants, insects, fungi, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and many other species you may find.

And if you really want to help make a difference, share your observations in the Virtual BioBlitz project on The photos and observations you post there will help scientists make important conservation decisions about species in Canada.

So, are you in? Visit our website to learn more and RSVP to our Facebook event to meet our taxonomy team, share ideas, and get reminders to participate.

Let’s show the world why Canada is one of the most unique places on the planet — and why it is so important to conserve our wild species. Happy bioblitzing!