School may be drawing to a close later this month, but as a parent or teacher, you can still make a splash at home with these fish-focused learning activities!

Kids will learn about Canada’s underwater wildlife, tag along with a real-life biologist conducting research on fish migration, and discover how they can take personal action to support species like the Chinook Salmon and American Eel.


 See firsthand what it takes to be a wildlife biologist! Join Nick Lapointe, CWF’s Senior Freshwater Conservation Biologist, on a trip up the Yukon river to study salmon migration and the effectiveness of “fish ladders” — a series of steps incorporated into a dam or other barrier to allow fish to pass upstream.


© Fisheries and Oceans Canada
© Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Through storytelling, games and hands-on learning activities, kids can dive into this week’s topic and gain a new understanding of, and appreciation for, Canada’s watery wildlife. Check out the educational resources below!

  • Fish Stories – Through this activity, kids will listen to and share stories about fish and learn about the similarities and differences between humans and fish.
  • Fish fate – With this interactive board game kids, explore factors that can affect fish populations and use math skills to track population fluctuations.
  • Net Gain, Net Effect – Using different sizes of mesh netting, kids will learn about the impact of commercial fishing practices through this hands-on activity.
  • Overcoming Barriers – Learn about some of the barriers fish face on their migratory journeys and the negative impact these barriers have on fish populations.


eel and chinook in water

No matter where you live in Canada, you can make a difference for fish! Lend your support to two Threatened fish species – Chinook Salmon and American Eels – by taking personal action at the grocery store and advocating for their conservation.

  • Avoid Eating Farmed Salmon – Take a stand against open-pen finfish aquaculture, which can threaten native populations of fish and other wildlife, by learning what to buy at the grocery store.
  • Appeal for Eels – Urge government to help the American Eel by signing CWF’s appeal.            

Get Outside

boys playin in creek

Looking for simple ways to get your kids outside? These fish-focused activities will help them get active and unleash their creativity at-home and in their community.

  • Create your own fish ladder! Set three to four hula-hoops or beach towels on the ground. Explain to the kids that these are steps on a fish ladder, and they must jump from one to the next to successfully travel upstream.
  • Set up a fishy scavenger hunt! Have kids draw and colour several different fish, then collect and hide them outside in a designated area. Give kids 10 minutes to find as many as they can!
  • Make sidewalk art! Give your kids a big bucket of sidewalk chalk and encourage them to share what they’ve learned about fish with the community by drawing pictures and sharing key messages.

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