I’ve got a confession to make – I don’t know what conservation issue means the most to me! What I think is important changes every day. This is something I struggle with, there are so many good causes I’m overwhelmed by choice, and sometimes I end up not making one…

I’ve cared about oil spills, plastic in the ocean, eutrophication of lakes, the introduction of invasive species, the filling in of wetlands, pesticides, disappearing species, deforestation, industrial pollution…the list could go on and on. In the moment I think of a cause, it’s #1 on the list, but lo and behold, the next moment I’m thinking of something else. Breadth, but not a lot of depth. And not as much action as I’d like.

This isn’t something I’m particularly proud of, but I’ve learned in the past that sometimes a weakness in one context can be a strength in another. I want to turn this weakness into a strength.

I have a nice life in one of the biggest cities in Canada. It’s easy to feel removed. Someone picks up my garbage every week and takes it out of sight. I never have to think about where all my clean water comes from, or where it goes when I’m done with it, and most of the land in my immediate vicinity that can be developed already has been. I understand how easy it can be to let conservation be someone else’s problem. Most of us care, on some abstract level, about the environment, but caring and doing something about it aren’t exactly the same thing.

I think participating in the CCC is going go give me the tools to start doing something meaningful. I’ll have the chance to get to see (and experience) what real-life conservation work looks like in the field (as opposed to on TV, where I usually see it). I think this program will help find how I can apply my unique strengths to further the causes that I care about. I can’t wait to start!

The opinions expressed are those of the participant and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Canadian Wildlife Federation.