Help the butterflies and bees in your backyard

One in three bites of food we eat are thanks to pollinators. You can thank them for the bounty in your own backyard by offering them plenty of nutrient-rich flowers and water. But why stop there? This summer, create a rock garden for the bees and butterflies that stop by your garden.

Create a Rock Pile

Let’s start by offering our bees a spot to nest and rest, shall we? Build your rock pile in a sunny location in your yard. And then gather rocks of different shapes and sizes. If you identify as more Type A, the next bit might make you cringe a bit. We want to make the pile…messy. Yup. That means ditch the orderly and neat and tidy side of yourself and create a rock pile that have lots of air spaces within it. This will make it easier for pollinators to access. Bumble bees will happily call the rock pile home, as will leafcutter bees.

Add Basking Rocks

Don’t forget to add some flat rocks around the rock pile to make it a true rock garden. Butterflies will swing by to open their wings and rest in the sun. Why? Butterflies have a hard time flying when they’re feeling chilly. And because they’re cold-blooded creatures, they rely on the sun to get warm. Offer four or five basking rocks for these lovely pollinators to give them a helping hand!

Plant Native Flowers Near Your Rock Garden

You can help bees and butterflies locate the rock pile by planting native flowers around it. Bees will be attracted to flowers of all shapes and sizes considering some bees have short tongues and others have long tongues. Remember to opt for blue, yellow and purple nectar-rich flowers to attract them! You can never go wrong with planting asters and coneflowers, Joe Pye Weed and vervain! To attract butterflies to your garden, offer milkweed, Spring Beauty, Lupine and Wild Bergamot.