Lesley is a participant in Group 6 of the Canadian Conservation Corps.

I fell in love.

The brisk air – a chilled, analeptic voice of indomitability.

The artisan sky – an ever-changing masterpiece of endless wonder.

The angelic snow – a steadfast enchantment of mesmerizing glamour.

The stoic forest – a vast village of kin-shipped allegiance.

The spright dogs – devoted behemoths of genuine spirit.

The enlivening people – resilient stalwarts of admired prowess.


How thankful am I to be smitten by such endearing facets?


Each breath, giving me life.

Each view, giving me question.

Each snowflake, giving me fantasies.

Each tree, giving me grandeur.

Each dog, giving me honour.

Each person, giving me grace.


All my love for the places I’ve been,

All my love for the things I’ve seen,

All my love for the creatures in-between,


All my love, for all of you.