The Canadian Wildlife Federation is calling Canadians to help chart a path forward to ensure abundant wildlife and habitat for generations to come. The 2017 National Conservation Summit will explore the conservation landscape, explore the major challenges ahead and work together to move forward important projects. The summit takes place from November 28 to December 1 at the Delta Lodge in Kananaskis, AB.

2017 National Conservation Summit

Why is this important?

The 150th anniversary of Confederation is an important milestone for Canadians to come together to celebrate our conservation successes, evaluate our current challenges and establish the actions necessary for wildlife, fish and biodiversity conservation. Our natural heritage is an important part of what it means to be Canadian. It is an integral part of our identity.  But we are facing the decline of many species across the country from issues such as habitat loss and degradation, pollution and climate change. We need to come together to seek solutions. This is an opportunity for thought leaders from across all sectors to share their ideas and expertise to help shape the future of conservation in Canada.

Who is attending the summit?

The summit will bring together approximately 175 people with a broad range of perspectives on wildlife including environmental groups, indigenous leaders, hunting and angling organizations, academia, industry and government to seek collaborative action for fish, wildlife, and biodiversity conservation. More than 30 governmental and non-governmental organizations will be in attendance, representing a wide range of interests.

What are the topics of discussion?

We conducted a series of pre-summit workshops with participants from a variety of sectors to identify four critical steps needed to address key conservation challenges such as a changing climate or cumulative impacts across a landscape/seascape. Based on this input, the summit themes are: thinking bigger and broader; making wildlife and habitat conservation relevant to Canadians; building new partnerships for action on conservation, and establishing new ways of financing conservation.

Canadian Wildlife Federation National Conservation Summit

What are you hoping the summit will achieve?

Our vision for the summit is to work across sectors of society to identify practical solutions and opportunities for conservation that include environmental, economic and social dimensions, and to build a common ground for conservation efforts. We also want to ensure that there is commitment to the follow-up actions required on key initiatives for the conservation of the full diversity of wildlife and habitats.

How can I get involved?

Everyone is welcome to sign up for conservation updates about the summit. Applications for registration are also being accepted. Interested delegates are asked to provide a written summary of their potential contributions and will be notified of decisions by email. Accepted participants will be provided with details of how to formally register for the summit. There will be a registration fee to attend.

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