Is there anything more heartwarming than seeing a child’s face light up?

If you ask me, it’s especially wonderful when they’re beaming because they’re proud of themselves.

WILD magazine wants to give you that special moment with your students, and that’s why we’re hosting the WILD Classes program again.

wild magazine spread

If you don’t know, WILD magazine is the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s magazine for children. Every year, we showcase creative stories written by talented students from across the country. And this year, we’re going to be showcasing the creative and brilliant writing from students in Kindergarten to Grade 8 classes in several issues – not just one!

The task at hand will be a fun one, I promise! Your students are sure to have fun coming up with wildlife related facts, projects, trivia and more.

Are you up for the challenge? Head on over to the  WILD Classes website for more information. You can take a look at examples for each grade, find out how the program fits with the curriculum, and get inspired!