While iNaturalist provides a way to log and track sightings it also collects valuable data.

As part of my Canadian Conservation Corps work, my colleagues and I were tasked with producing a report using the data available to us through iNaturalist.ca on a species at risk within Canadian.

Common Nighthawk

For my report I chose to study the Common Nighthawk. It is a rather unique species of bird. They are what is referred to as aerial insectivores, meaning they hunt insects while in flight. They do so at both dawn and dusk, and are aided by structures within their eyes called “tapetum lucidum,” which allows for better vision in low light. I will confess that these attributes drew me towards doing an iNaturalist study on them.


If you are curious about iNaturalist I would recommend signing up and if you are intrigued by the Canadian Conservation Corps program check out the website.