Increased forestry, mining and other industrial activities are taking a toll on the habitat and the health of our wildlife.

As Canadians, it is critical that we protect our wild spaces throughout Canada to ensure the survival of endangered species such as the Little Brown Bat, Whooping Crane, Beluga Whale, Woodland Caribou, and many others than need our help.

The good news is that, if you act today, Johnson Inc. has pledged to TRIPLE gifts made to the Canadian Wildlife Federation, up to a total campaign amount of $50,000*!

Thanks to the incredible generosity of people like you,  and Johnson Inc., we can continue our efforts to protect wild spaces and species in your province, and those across Canada. This work includes:

  • Research into the causes and possible actions to stop species decline including work with Birds, Caribou, Whales, Bears and other species in Canada
  • Programs to conserve critical habitats like the Northern Boreal Forests region
  • Studies to determine recovery potential for at-risk species including state-of-the-art satellite tracking in the Ocean and far North
  • Outreach to raise awareness on these critical issues.

If you haven’t already, please make your gift today.

On behalf of the animals you’re helping by donating today, thank you so much! You’re doing a really wonderful thing.