The Hayes River

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If you live in Manitoba you might be aware that the Hayes River is the longest naturally flowing river in the province. It’s also one of the few remaining North American rivers that remains relatively unchanged – in fact it really hasn’t changed in 300 years! The Hayes River is considered to be one of Canada’s most scenic, natural and historic waterways.

Hayes River begins at the north end of Lake Winnipeg, flowing northeast to Hudson Bay. It flows through a variety of landscapes including boreal forests, muskeg, dense spruce forests, an area of stunted black spruce/tamarack and bogs, even treeless tundra. And I can’t forget to mention the whitewater, lakes, gorges, deep valleys, a glacial outwash complex and Robison Falls – five sets of beautiful falls that plunge through granite formations.

If you want to canoe or kayak on this river make sure you have lots of experience with whitewater navigation. With its challenging rapids, remoteness, intense weather and water conditions, it is best left for those with a high degree of competence in white water canoeing/kayaking and outdoor living skills.

Keep an eye out for beluga whales and polar bears – just two of the many species that can be found in and around Hayes River.

Polar Bear

[Photo Credit: CWF Photo Contest Entry by Corin Schneider]

Beluga Whale

[Photo Credit: CWF Photo Contest Entry by Jansen Wolfgang]

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