Will you be a bat superhero this fall?

This fall, you can support Canada’s bats by going bat-kit crazy with one of the many bat kits we are offering. Each kit is fun and unique. All proceeds will benefit the bat conservation research at the Canadian Wildlife Federation.

Go Bat-Kit Crazy!

Enter the Batty Halloween Contest!

Enter the

But, there’s more than just Bat Kits! Enter the “Batty Contest” and you could win one of two NEW Echo Meter Touch 2 Pro bat echolocation meters!

It’s so easy! You don’t have to buy anything – just enter your information in the form, read the rules and regulations and agree to the terms and conditions within. Once you click submit, you will be instantly entered into the content.

Of the 19 species of bats in Canada, 11 are listed as endangered wildlife. They may not be able to recover without our help. Visit us at HelpTheBats.ca to find out about how your contribution supports our work. Also, find fun ways to get engaged with downloadable programs for your family, school or community.

There are lots of ways you can be a superhero for Canada’s bats this fall!

Learn more at HelpTheBats.ca