june 22, 2012 (1)

Does it get any prettier than this? I think not.

Roses. They inspire poetry, are a favorite flower to give as an expression of love and for many, roses are a must have in a garden. There are all sorts to choose from with varying colours, fragrances and shapes. When selecting roses for your garden, keep in mind that Canada is home to many native species. While their look is different from that of the classic rose, they are equally beautiful and fragrant. And when faced with our Canadian climate, wild roses are typically more hardy, pest-resistant and beneficial to wildlife than their cultivated kin.

But they’re not all just good looks. The pollen on the wild rose’s many bright yellow anthers are a valued food source for many beneficial insects, including bees. Rose hips are a winter food for birds and mammals such as waxwings, pine grosbeaks, grouse, rabbits, coyotes and skunks.

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