[Jordi Segers searching in vain for hibernating bats. PHOTO CREDIT: KJ Vanderwolf]

We have started our winter bat counts in New Brunswick caves and mines and we were joined for a few visits by Jordi Segers, the Canadian White-Nose Syndrome Program Coordinator. Jordi is with the Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative (CWHC) and he wrote a blog about his visits with us on the CWHC facebook page.

Jordi was impressed by the beautiful scenery but unfortunately we only found 1 hibernating bat in the 3 caves we took him to. Hopefully we will find more bats at our other sites!


[Jordi Segers and Don McAlpine March 31, 2015. There is still lots of snow in Atlantic Canada and accessing our study caves can be challenging! PHOTO CREDIT:  KJ Vanderwolf]


[Myself and Jordi Segers near the entrance to one of our study caves April 9, 2015. PHOTO CREDIT: DF McAlpine/New Brunswick Museum]