Don McAlpine and I have been busy these past 2 days working with Andre Arseneault, a producer with Rogers TV, and Don MacPhail, member of the New Brunswick Wildlife Trust Fund council. Rogers TV is doing a series of episodes profiling various projects funded by the New Brunswick Wildlife Trust Fund.

Filming was completed in one of our study caves as well as back here in the lab. Both of our guests were impressed with the small, muddy spaces they had to crawl through in the cave! Below you can see our before and after pictures. The episode will air in fall 2014.

PicMonkey Collage

Far Left: Myself, Don MacPhail, and Andre Arseneault suited up to go into the cave behind us. Photo taken by Don McAlpine.

Middle: Don MacPhail and Andre Arseneault going down into the cave. We had to take great care not to damage the camera! Photo taken by Karen Vanderwolf.

Far Right: Don MacPhail, myself, and Andre Arseneault looking a bit worse-for-wear after our cave visit! Photo taken by Don McAlpine.