As Rivers to Oceans Week comes to a close tomorrow, we hope you’ve learned how water unites us all.

No matter where you live in Canada and what body of water you are close to. It’s clear that we are irrevocably linked to water and we must safeguard them.

Today we are asking for you to speak up for those that cannot speak for themselves. Speak up for our fresh and marine waters in Canada. Your chance is now.

This spring the Parliamentary Committee on Fisheries and Oceans will be meeting to review the effectiveness of the Fisheries Act. We at the Canadian Wildlife Federation believe that the Fisheries Act needs to be more effective on how it protects water and wildlife, particularly in these critical areas:

Our government must take immediate and decisive action to conserve Canada’s rivers, lakes and oceans, as well as the diverse wildlife that depend on them.

Canada’s wildlife can’t speak for themselves, so it’s up to us to speak up for them. We urge you to join us in demanding urgent action from the Parliamentary Committee on Fisheries and Oceans. We will collect your name along with thousands of other caring people just like you to show the Parliamentary Committee that the protection of our waterways and wildlife cannot wait.

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