Are you curious how we sample for pollinators on our ROW pollinator meadows project? 

Meet Gil Miranda and watch how he samples for bugs. 

About Gil

Gil Felipe Gonçalves Miranda studied Biology for his major in Brazil and soon after pursued Entomology for his MSc. His interest in taxonomy/systematics brought him to Canada to obtain his PhD in Environmental Sciences/Entomology focusing on his group of interest: flower flies (family Syrphidae, order Diptera).

Although experienced with Neotropical groups (with a background working in the Brazilian Amazon), Gil also shares a passion for Nearctic fauna as can be seen in his publication (as senior author) “Key to the genera of Nearctic Syrphidae“.

Currently he is focused on surveying for pollinators (bees and flower flies) in Rights-of-Way land and in Monarch butterfly waystations to check how those populations are responding to these different land management treatments. 

Watch as Gil Miranda Samples for Bugs