There are only about 500 North Atlantic Right Whales left in the world. Based on scarring patterns, it is estimated that more than 100 of these whales get entangled in fishing gear every year.

Between two and six North Atlantic Right Whales die every year as a result.

Grand Manan Basin and Roseway Basin
Map of Atlantic Canada showing the two Canadian Species at Risk Act Critical Habitats recommended for seasonal closure: Grand Manan Basin and Roseway Basin.

We have been working to discover where exactly North Atlantic Right Whales are most in danger on the Atlantic coast. They are known to aggregate in two areas – the Grand Manan Basin, Bay of Fundy and the Roseway Basin, Scotian Shelf. By closing these fishing areas in July and August, we could reduce the risk of entanglement by 30 per cent! It’s the difference between extinction and survival for this species.

Now that we know where North Atlantic Right Whales face the most at risk, our next step is to convince the  government to block fishing in these two areas over the summer.

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