The desire to capture a moment so it can last for all time must be a fundamental aspect of our nature.

As far back as we explore human history, we see the attempts to make time stand still, from anonymous cave drawings to the stunningly detailed photography of today.

Nature photography is many different things: the disparate disciplines of wildlife photography, landscape photography, and garden photography. One ought to include the tiny world of macro photography and the boggling expansiveness of night-sky image-making too. What unites them all is a fascination with the natural world and a desire to explore and understand its everchanging state.

Grand Prize Winner

Southern Peel Sound, west of Somerset Island, Qikiqtaaluk, Nunavut. We had picked up a science crew in Resolute and were heading down the Peel Sound to Franklin Strait. The bear came down along the starboard side of the ship and crossed in our broken track in the ice. It was such a clear day — the reflection of the polar bear is as clear as the polar bear itself. Gary Morgan Lower Sackville, N.S.

Canadian Landscape

Showcasing and celebrating Canada’s vast and beautiful wilderness through the lens of the beholder.

Connecting with Nature

Canadians enjoying nature through exploration, relaxation, adventure, family and sport.

Finding Flora

Exploring the breadth and beauty of Canada’s native plant life in all shapes, sizes, types and colours.

Focusing on Fauna

Capturing the stunning array of Canada’s amazing wildlife, from tiny bug to imposingly fierce mammal.

Urban Interaction

Dedicated to illuminating the sometimes surprising, often delightful intersection of nature and our urban spaces.

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