BestPracticesCoverMANY SPECIES of Canadian marine animals migrate into our waters every year. As we use the same waters, it is our responsibility to be mindful of these marine animals, their well-being, and their habitats. CWF Best Practices on the Water booklet helps to guide us towards positive actions.

MOBILE APPS offer citizen scientists a range of great platforms allowing access to real time information.




BestPractices_nogozoneHUMAN INTERACTIONS ON THE WATER can have a critical impact on the behaviour and survival of marine animals. The Canadian Marine Animal Response Alliance (CMARA) reminds us to keep a minimum distance of 100 metres from marine animals (200m in marine protected areas) and to reduce your vessel’s speed around any sighted animals. CMARA also recommends that we avoid known critical habitat areas, and report any marine animal accidents to your local response network. Find out more at

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