Every year, 25 million birds are killed by colliding with windows in Canada.

Shocking, right?

Windows are everywhere: in our homes, offices, stores, cottages…. To Canada’s birds, a windowpane can be a death sentence. In fact, collisions with windows are a leading cause of death for birds across Canada – careening into windows at speeds as high as 50 km per hour, they often die upon impact due to the resulting brain damage.

There’s one simple action that can help reduce the number of bird collisions in Canada: Add stickers to your windows.

Bird Impact Reduction Day

Visual cues or markers alert birds to the presence of glass

Windows are deceiving. The reflection of trees or sky can trick birds into thinking they can fly through the glass. By making all your windows visible to birds, you can help keep them safe.

FLAP Canada has many tips for making your windows bird safe. You can also spend time making window stickers with the kids. Check out this issue of WILD magazine for a colourful craft the kids will love.

Bird Impact Reduction Day

Go one step further and help spread the word about bird collisions.

This National Wildlife Week, help reduce one of the leading causes of bird deaths by participating in Bird Impact Reduction Day. Simple actions, like sharing a tweet or Facebook post, can raise awareness and make a difference for birds across the country.

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Together, we can make a difference for birds across Canada. Thanks for your support!