monarch-Photo1874-Andre-DenisPhoto by: Andre Denis


This Earth Day, why not pledge to make a difference to one of the endangered critters that visits your backyard. The monarch butterfly boasts a 4,000 kilometre migratory trek and arrives in Canada sometime between June and July. Unfortunately these stunning pollinators face a major threat along the way – habitat loss. These majestic butterflies are struggling to find a place to land when they reach Mexico (as their habitat is being robbed by deforestation). And in Canada and the United States? Agriculture and citizens spray their crops and gardens with pesticides and herbicides that can kill off their primary food source – the milkweed.

We know that you don’t want to see these beautiful butterflies vanish from our landscapes. Neither do we. Luckily we can do something to save them this Earth Day!

  • Sign the pledge to make your garden a safe place for monarchs. By planting milkweed, and filling your garden with great sources of nectar, you’ll be making a major contribution.
  • Are you a teacher? Or do you have kids in school? Let the school know that CWF has an amazing WILD Spaces for Monarchs program. Through this program, classes will use the latest online learning tools to work through our units about the lives of monarch butterflies, then apply their new knowledge to accompanying quizzes and activities.
  • If you live in Ontario, keep your eyes peeled for CWF’s Monarch Mix Kit at all Home Depot stores. These quality grown plants produced by certified growers are packaged in a distinctive CWF handy four-container pack. With every purchase a portion of the proceeds will go to CWF to help us continue our good work with pollinators like Monarch Butterflies. Pollinator and/or butterfly gardens are very easy to establish with the correct plants and your ambition.
  • Learn more about the monarch with Hinterland Who’s Who’s Monarch Butterfly PSA!


However you decide to make a difference for the monarch, thank you! You’re making a world of difference!