Congratulations to Amanda Beers of Moncton, NB for receiving the most votes in the By Popular Vote photo contest last month!

The March contest theme was Deciphering Depth, challenging photographers to use depth as a way to focus their photos and tell a story. This squirrel photo definitely says something about winter, don’t you think?

© Amanda Beers | CWF photo club

“A squirrel who has taken up the hobby of stealing sunflower seeds from the birds in my backyard. He was not happy with the impending storm approaching!” — Amanda Beers, CWF Photo Club

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March’s Honourable Mentions

Karen Altman

© Karen Altman | CWF Photo Club

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Eddy Savage

© Eddy Savage | CWF Photo Club

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John Pizniur

© John Pizniur | CWF Photo Club

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April Theme: Children and Nature

Whether you’re finally able to get your family outside after a cold hard winter, or you are excited to catch a glimpse of nature renewed in young wildlife, spring really is when nature comes to life again! Share it with us.

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