Bee drinking waterBeneficial Insect Water Dish

So many of us have a water source for birds and some have larger features such as ponds which accomodate amphibians and fish, too. But if those features are too steep and free of rocks and leaves to perch on, then it is hard for our beneficial insects to get the drinks of water they need. If you fancy giving a helping hand to our dragonflies and damselflies, bees and other helpful insects, consider making a water dish for them. It will come in handy in between munching on mosquitoes and blackflies or pollinating our plants for food we need and love.

I had read about doing this but it was when I saw a little bee drinking from drops of water on my daughter’s wading pool one year that brought it home. So, this year, we made one using a tray that would normally go under a plant pot. We put in a variety of stones, shells and sticks and refilled it when the water evaporated.

Once we were regular, the insects seemed to know to come. Until then, they were trying to get a drink from the bird bath which was deep with no help should they fall in.

Below is a cute photo of a wasp reaching down to get a drink. I imagine some will raise eyebrows about helping wasps, too…but they also pollinate, sometimes keep pest insect species in check and besides, so long as we are slow and peaceful, we are always able to sit or move among them without harm. I’m sure there are exceptions to the rule, but so far so good.

Wasp drinking water