I’ve always enjoyed photography.

It has been a great way for me to get out of the house and explore my local parks and conservation areas. Living in Ottawa has provided me with lots to photograph over the years and I am always trying to find new subjects.

I enjoy wildlife photography because it allows me to get out and enjoy the tranquility of nature while observing wildlife in their natural environment. Through photography I can share the moments I enjoy in nature with others.

Tips for Wildlife Photography

1. Know your subject: what it looks like, where it lives, its habits, what sounds it makes — all of this will help you find and photograph your subject.

2. Bring your camera everywhere as often as practical. It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

3. “Who dares, wins.” A British special forces motto, that to me, when applied to wildlife photography means going after that shot you don’t think you’ll get. It means going out when you don’t feel like it or daring to try a new location and ending up with great shots.

4. Prepare for the elements. Being comfortable when out in nature is crucial when it comes to getting wildlife photos. Dressing for the weather could mean the difference between getting an amazing shot or calling it a day early.

5. Apply the principles of why things are seen, when looking for wildlife to photograph. Shape, size, colour, movement, sound, silhouette, texture… keeping these in mind will aid in your ability to find your subjects.

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