Don McAlpine and myself were recently out with the Striking Balance crew. You can check them out on Facebook by clicking here!   

They are making a series of documentaries on 8 of the 16 Biosphere Reserves across Canada for TVO, focusing on the scientific and cultural value of each area.

Several of our most important study cave sites are in the Fundy Biosphere Reserve in New Brunswick, so our project was chosen as part of their narrative.

They spent one day in the lab with us doing formal interviews and filming lab work, and one day out in the field. They chose a cold day to come! They had lots of gear to haul across the cold river in waders and then up the hill through the snow. Carrying the delicate camera gear around the cave and then decontaminating everything afterwards was a challenge, but everyone was keen; no claustrophobia in this group! It was very interesting to watch them at work and realize the huge amount of effort that goes in to making these types of documentaries.


[From Left to Right: Zach, myself, and Yvonne from Striking Balance – PHOTO CREDIT: Ann from Striking Balance]

The crew has had many adventures in their travels across Canada to the different biospheres, but they agreed that this was one of their most challenging filming environments. The tight spaces, lack of light, and overabundance of mud and moisture was not kind to their gear. However, they were happy with the results and I look forward to seeing it myself when it airs a year from now!


[From Left to Right: Ann and Zach from Striking Balance, Don McAlpine and myself – PHOTO CREDIT: Yvonne from Striking Balance]