Your shoreline was meant to be naturally beautiful.

Naturalized shorelines are cost-effective, ecologically responsible, stunning and they add value to your property. They’ll also provide welcome natural habitat for wildlife.

Below are a series of before and after photos that demonstrate the amazing transformation that occurs when shorelines are naturalized. Click each photo to see the results and read testimonials from property owners who are happy to have made the decision to naturalize.

A shoreline rich in vegetation has so many benefits, not the least of which are minimal maintenance, cost-effectiveness and the chance to design something unique. Also, a natural shoreline is the best defense against erosion, as the roots will help hold the soil in place and filter the runoff that flows into the lake.

If you have a grassy shoreline try not to mow it. Short grass acts as a hard surface that allows polluted rainwater to flow straight into the lake.

Why is a natural shoreline important?

Shoreline vegetation acts as a buffer to a host of natural and man-made pollutants. Losing this vegetation exposes shoreline property owners to:

  • The overabundance of algae on surface water
  • Loss of land due to erosion
  • Mess created by unwanted geese

These can negatively impact the aesthetic appeal and limit recreational opportunities. The ideal natural buffer width is at least 30 metres, but any buffer is better than no buffer!

Natural is Beautiful

They’re cost-effective, ecologically responsible and stunning. Your shoreline was meant to be naturally beautiful. Here are before-and-after photos and testimonials from actual shoreline property owners. They all naturalized their shorelines.

Here are before and after photos and testimonials from actual shoreline properties owners.  They all naturalized their shorelines.  Check out before and after photos:

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