We all want to make a difference in some way.

But when you think about it, we are.

Every single choice we make has an impact, for better or for worse, including in the garden. When you add up all the positive actions of gardeners (anyone with some outdoor space to tend) you can see that what you do matters, no matter how small the effort. It’s time we realize that together our everyday actions can truly be a powerful force for good. But how do we make this positive difference? What are the steps needed to support our wild neighbours?

Take the Free Course

Come and join like-minded people for this year’s Gardening for Wildlife online course. It is a basic course on wildlife-friendly gardening that is easy to do at your own pace with videos and supporting handouts and links. You will also be able to share photos, aspirations, questions and suggestions for one another. And it’s free.

This course is for anyone with some outside space to tend, from homeowners (and renters!) to businesses, schools and community spaces. If you have the interest, we have the know-how and are eager to share.

Course Takeaways

By the end of the Gardening for Wildlife course, you’ll come away with an appreciation of how important wildlife is to our well-being and how our daily choices can impact them. You will also have a clear understanding of the basic elements needed in a wildlife-friendly garden and various ways to apply them to your own property. You’ll learn about some of Canada’s remarkable wildlife and native plants as well as some invasive plants and why they are so problematic. But don’t worry, you’ll get ideas on how to manage them. Last but not least you’ll get a tour of a Canadian Wildlife Federation’s “Wildlife-friendly Habitat” certified garden to learn how and why that family switched their efforts from purely ornamental to a garden with a purpose – and the wonderful results that followed.

So please join us for this very easy course that can help you, too, enjoy and support wildlife right outside your door!

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