Each year in Canada, between 100 and 350 million birds are estimated to be killed by cats, not to mention the small mammals that fall prey to this non-native species.

The best advice is to keep your pet cat inside. Not only will you be helping to save songbirds but also your cat. It’s a dangerous world out there! Letting your cat outside to roam free can expose him/her to many dangers including cars, diseases, attacks by dogs and other cats, wildlife, extreme weather and the cruel behaviour of some individuals.

Given time, most outdoor cats can transition to a life indoors. By giving him/her lots of stimulation, play toys, scratch posts, and a litter box, your cat will soon get used to his indoor life.

However, there are a couple of options if you must let your cat outside and keep the birds safe too!

You can let your cat out on a leash and harness. This allows your cat to be outside yet under your supervision. Getting your cat used to this when he/she is young is usually best.

Another option is an outdoor cat enclosure. This way your cat can safely enjoy being outside while keeping wildlife safe. You can buy assembly kits, have your cat enclosure custom built or design your own.