It’s day five of Canada Blooms already! Crazy! We’d love to see you at our booth in Toronto.

So let’s celebrate blooms, shall we? Today’s bloom of the day is the foamflower.

Canadian woodlands boast a variety of wildflowers that light up the ground with their pretty blooms. Some are like little gems that are best appreciated close up while others, such as trilliums, form a brilliant carpet across the forest floor that can take your breath away from a distance. Tiarellas are pretty woodland plants that have inspired gardeners to grow them at home, for their blooms and for their ability to provide good ground cover.

There are two species of Tiarella, also known as foamflower, in Canada. T. cordifolia grows in the eastern provinces of Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and T. trifoliata graces British Columbia and southwestern Alberta.

Foamflowers are a source of food for Canadian wildlife. Their seeds and leaves help birds, such as the ruffed grouse, while flowers offer pollen and nectar to local pollinators.

Tiarellas grow best in moist rich soil, mimicking the moist woods they would naturally inhabit. Partial shade is best, although they can handle deep shade, as well.

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