It’s Day Three! We are so happy to be here at Canada Blooms! Stop by!

So let’s talk about something blue, shall we? The Bluet flower! Bluets are native to southern Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia (see below for other Canadian species) and can be planted in a meadow or semi-shade garden, at the edge of a path or to replace lawn. Bluets produce flowers on and off during the growing season, lighting up our woodland garden each spring en masse, and sporadically in the summer and fall, albeit in smaller numbers. Bees and other insects visit this plant for nectar.

Bluets are naturally found in wet grassy meadows, thickets, and open woods. Give them moist, slightly acidic soil (although they can tolerate drier conditions), and either full sun or partial shade.

For more information about the bluet, click here!