I recently attended a Bat Festival!

Batman was in attendance and I was lucky enough to get a picture with him.


[PHOTO CREDIT: Karen Vanderwolf]

There were many exhibits on various aspects of bat biology. One exhibit showed how bat biologists catch bats in mist nets for their studies. Biologists set up these nets at twilight in areas where they think bats are likely to be flying around, such as at cave entrances and near streams. These nets are the same ones used by bird biologists.

net collage

[PHOTO CREDIT: Karen Vanderwolf]

Another exhibit had information on bat hearing and the sounds they make. Bats have big ears and excellent hearing!


[PHOTO CREDIT: Karen Vanderwolf]

Other exhibits included bat anatomy, the importance of bat boxes, and a replica bat cave that you could explore! Inside had various cave features like stalagmites and information signs teaching people about decontamination protocols to help prevent the spread of white-nose fungus.

October is a great month to learn about bats so keep an eye out for events in your area and be sure to visit HelpTheBats.ca!

collage 3

[PHOTO CREDIT: Karen Vanderwolf]

To learn more about the importance of bats check out this interesting video.