Conservation is what drives famous Canadian artist Dwayne Harty.

A painter for 30 years, Dwayne has permanent and travelling collections and dioramas in museums and galleries across Canada and the U.S, and is known for his work depicting wildlife from Yellowstone to the Yukon.

Now, Dwayne is lending his talent to the Canadian Wildlife Federation, creating a body of work depicting, among other things, the North American bison. The many works of art he will create aim to tell the story of the bison, including its habitat, natural history and connection with Indigenous Peoples. It will be exhibited internationally at art or natural history museums and galleries.

The project will focus on the two subspecies of North American Bison: Plains Bison and Wood Bison. Dwayne will depict the natural history of the bison throughout the seasons and in its environment. The accurate depiction of the bison in its habitat will also display the importance of the landscape in which it lives, highlighting the importance of habitat preservation.

Coming in 2022

Through strong, emotional visuals, the collection will facilitate an educational experience and broaden the public’s awareness and appreciation for the bison as keystone species.

The exhibition will tour in 2022/2023. Each exhibition location will host a lecture series and other immersive experiences led by scientists and conservationists.

Look for updates on this visually stunning project to come!