The progression of summer blooms continues at the CWF demonstration garden with yarrow now in full bloom. It is a natural species with some pink flower clusters along with the white ones – very pretty! The flowers bloom atop a stem that grows up to a foot or two tall, with feather leaves along the stem, as shown below.

yarrow leaf
false sunflower

Our perennial sunflowers are blooming, with the false sunflower – Heliopsis helianthoides starting the show.

echinacea and verbena

Joining them in our Drought Bed are Echinacea and Verbena stricta, a vervain that is great for bees and dry spots.


Our Service Entrance bed has had some challenges of finding plants that can handle solid shade to hot afternoon sun, due to the position of the walls that they grow next to. But this thimbleweed (Anemone virginiana) has been her for many years and seems quite fine with the conditions.

To find out more about native plants in Canada, organic gardening and local and migratory wildlife that might visit your garden, check out WildAboutGardening.org.