Becoming a citizen scientist for BioBlitz Canada 150

We are official BioBlitzers! This past weekend we became citizen scientists and joined local naturalists, conservationists and specialists for the South Okanagan Bioblitz Canada 150. Using the phone app we contributed to Canada’s national species inventory by taking pictures of plants, animals and insects and sharing them online. Our team of explorers identified over eighty … Continue reading “Becoming a citizen scientist for BioBlitz Canada 150”

Meet the Virtual BioBlitz Taxonomy Team

Need help identifying a caterpillar you found in the park? How about that fuzzy green stuff that grows on trees? Or maybe you can’t decide whether the bird in your backyard is a House Finch or a Purple Finch? Either way, you’ve come to the right place! Our Virtual BioBlitz Taxonomy Team is here to … Continue reading “Meet the Virtual BioBlitz Taxonomy Team”

A Virtual BioBlitz: What’s That?

Something BIG is happening on International Biodiversity Day. We’re conducting a Canada-wide search for flora and fauna with something called a Virtual BioBlitz. Nature lovers across the country are getting ready to join something BIG on #BiodiversityDay! #BioBlitz150 — BioBlitz Canada 150 (@BioblitzCanada) May 10, 2017 Normally, a bioblitz takes place in a set location … Continue reading “A Virtual BioBlitz: What’s That?”

Top 10 Species Finds on has reached 1 million! iNaturalist Canada (also known as has hit a major milestone – more than 1 million verifiable observations in Canada. These confirmed sightings span from Canada’s East Coast to the western edges of British Columbia, and from Southern Saskatchewan all the way up to the most northern reaches of the … Continue reading “Top 10 Species Finds on”

Everyday citizens track over 400,000 plants and animals in Canada

Ever wonder what that plant is growing in your backyard, or what animal is leaving those tracks in the snow? Not only are people satisfying their curiosity, we can also contribute to the conservation of these small wonders we see outside every day. This is precisely what thousands of Canadians have been doing on their … Continue reading “Everyday citizens track over 400,000 plants and animals in Canada”

Putting Citizen Science in Action To Capture Canada’s “Nature Selfie.”

Imagine taking a photo of an unknown organism, posting it online and immediately having it identified by expert naturalists from around the world. iNaturalist is an online service that allows you to do just that. With iNaturalist, you can submit observations of plants, animals and other organisms and share their location with naturalists on every … Continue reading “Putting Citizen Science in Action To Capture Canada’s “Nature Selfie.””

Exploring nature at the Rouge Park

On June 24th, I woke up early in the morning, grabbed my gear pack, and drove with my best friend Kiron Mukherjee to the Rouge National Urban Park to participate in the the Rouge Park BioBlitz co-hosted by Ontario BioBlitz for BioBlitz Canada 150. A BioBlitz is an outreach citizen science event where scientists and … Continue reading “Exploring nature at the Rouge Park”

Canadians Honoured for Conservation Achievements

Green Party leader Elizabeth May is among the natural winners of CWF’s conservation awards presented June 25 in Ottawa. The awards showcase the dedicated efforts of political leaders, students, teachers and community organizations to preserving wildlife and habitat. The Canadian Wildlife Federation is very grateful for the leadership, mentorship and accomplishments of these environmental heroes.