As our regular readers have noticed, we didn’t post a race update last week so we are now in Week 7 of this wildlife phenomenon that is the 2015 Great Canadian Turtle Race.

Remember: the race this year is about which turtle can swim the greatest distance before March 3rd, 2016 (UN World Wildlife Day).

So how’s the race shaping up this week? Well,

  • Agile Abigail is still our race leader though she is only just slightly (40 Km) behind our pacesetter; Red Rockette. Abi has now swam an amazing 2 263 Km. She is within a few hundred kilometers of the island of Bermuda and appears to be deciding if she needs to head further south to get around it. We are expecting she might veer west soon and head for the coast – but we’ve been surprised before!
  • Rev It Bev, our second place racer at 1 593 Km, is showing a surprising change of direction. After almost 1 500 Km of swimming almost due south, Bev has suddenly turned west and ‘revved’. Has she suddenly realized she is far enough south to begin heading for a Caribbean beach? Or has she noticed something that we just don’t see? These animals do see the ocean different from us. It’ll be exciting to see what her next move is next week.
  • Cruisin’ Christie. Well, we’re still thinking of her. She’s out there racing for the south so we can only wish her the best and hope that maybe her transmitter will come back on.
  • Our petite demone, Sharon has only swam only a few hundred kilometers less Rev It Bev so far. Sharon is roughly heading south, although she’s made a few switchbacks and seems to sometime slow down. Maybe she found some food out there; maybe she found something worth investigating, or maybe she’s just in no rush and taking her time. In any case, she is certainly not out of the race and we’re going to make sure we keep an eye on her.
  • Finally, Red Rockette, 2013 Great Canadian Turtle Race winner and our pacesetter for this race, is showing how it’s done. Although she has dropped her speed slightly since the December start of (from about 50 Km/day down to ‘only’ 40 Km/day), she has covered over 2 300 Km showing a good sense that she has a target in mind.

With the holidays almost here, we will be reducing our map updates, so there will only be one more map posted (Dec 22) and then we will not post a new map until we’re back on the 1st week of January. Make sure to check back then to see what our turtles did over the holidays. And remember: the race-end is still a couple months away so make sure you check back and take part in this amazing wildlife journey.