End of Week 4 Turtle Race followers! It’s a tight race folks – our top four racers are all within 148 kilometres of each other!

Remember: the race this year is about which turtle can swim the greatest distance before March 3rd, 2016 (UN World Wildlife Day).

Let’s see what our speedy shelled racers were up to this week!

  • Agile Abigail is still our race leader! She had swam a total of 1271 kms and is swimming at a speed of 59 kms/day! Abi has continued her westward direction and is looping back towards the east coast of North America.  Do you think she will stay in the lead next week? Or will one of our other racers take the lead?
  • Rev It Bev is getting close to potential nesting grounds! She is approximately 2000 kms away from the coast of South America – near Brazil and French Guiana. She has swam a total of 1147 kms and is swimming at a pace of 50 kms/day! Any predictions to which country she will nest in?
  • Cruisin’ Christie is still not transmitting. We will continue to track her in case her transmitter starts to work again. Last week we talked about the potential events that could have happened; transmitter malfunction, water damage, bio-fouling. Keep an eye on our blog as we will write up a post in regards to what could have happened to our lovely Cruisin’ Christie! Keep your fingers crossed turtle race followers and hope that she pops back up on the map next week!
  • Sharon la petite demone has nesting beaches on her mind and is headed south! Despite being much farther north than Beverly, they are both swimming at an average speed of 50km/day! Way to go ladies! Sharon has racked up a total of 1124 kms at this point in the race.
  • Red Rockette, who is  our pace maker and 2013 Great Canadian Turtle Race winner, is still moving out there! In fact, she is currently 2nd in the race and is swimming at a speed of 53 kms/day! She continues to veer out further into the ocean and away from the coast ever so slightly. As of this week she has swam a total of 1217 kms – only 54 less than Abigail! Could our pace maker overtake our current racers? Watch out ladies, Red Rockette is on the move!

Don’t forgot to keep an eye on our map! Updates are completed on Tuesdays and Fridays along with a race recap every Friday!