We’ve made it!

As of Thursday, March 3rd, the 2015-2016 Great Canadian Turtle Race winner has been named! Agile Abigail outlasted her race mates and swam the most kilometres, a total of 4, 995 kms! Our race started with 4 current competitors (Agile Abigail, Rev it Bev, Sharon la petite demone and Cruisin’ Christie) and our pace setter, 2014 race winner Red Rockette, who we were comparing her tracks from 2012 to our current competitors.

All racers started off quickly with daily swimming averages of 100 kilometres/day! Most turtles stuck relatively close to the east coast of North America while Bev was all alone out in the middle of the Atlantic. Due to factors beyond our control, such as bio-fouling or battery life, two of our turtles, Sharon and Christie, went offline in November and December. Our beloved Bev also went offline mid-December, leaving Abigail as our only current competitor in the 2015-2016 Great Canadian Turtle Race. Abi managed to keep swimming and made it all the way to coastal Florida, where she proceeded to meander around in coastal waters, before going offline last week.  Agile Abigail swam a total of 4 995 kilometres before going offline herself near the coast of Florida. Even though our turtles are “offline” they are still swimming around and are searching for their nesting beaches and will be nesting in the next couple weeks. Various conservation groups located in these areas are monitoring these beaches each night for nesting leatherbacks. Stay tuned to our blog for the next step of the journey as we keep our eyes on these nesting areas for our beloved racers!