The end is near! We’re coming into the last two weeks of CWF’s Great Canadian Turtle Race!

Agile Abigail, still our sole competitor in the 2015-2016 Great Canadian Turtle Race is enjoying her time off the east coast of the United States. Since our last update, she has continued to swim around in circles in the coastal waters near Georgia and northern Florida. Abi is swimming very short daily distances compared to her daily distance during open ocean migration. She has swam a total of 4, 995 kilometres!

Our pace maker and virtual racer, 2012 winner Red Rockette, is getting closer to Columbia where she will nest – she has been swimming larger distances each day compared to Abi and has amassed a total of 5, 584 kilometres!

Our other three turtles, Christie, Sharon and Beverly, are all still offline. Although we can’t track their whereabouts, these turtles are most likely getting close to their natal nesting beaches as well (all three have previously nested in Trinidad) and hoping to nest soon!

Don’t forget that our race ends on March 3rd – National Wildlife Day! Stay tuned to and see how many kilometres Abi will swim before March 3rd!