Are we ever getting close turtle race followers!

Our sole 2015-2016 Great Canadian Turtle racer, Agile Abigail, is very close to the eastern coast of Florida. For those who have missed a week or two, Abi is the only racer left swimming to her nesting beach as the rest of her race-mates have gone offline (see our post from Guest blogger, Kathleen Martin from the Canadian Sea Turtle Network).

Agile Abigail has raced a total of 4 146 kms – an impressive feat! Our 2012 race winner Red Rockette, who is keep pace for our 2015 racers, is slightly ahead, by only 3 kms! Abi is well inside the continental shelf off of the east coast of Florida and will be hoping to find herself on a nesting beach soon!

Abi has already overcome so many challenges already on this journey – ocean litter, threats from fishing gear, predators – but other threats also exist in their nesting grounds such as habitat destruction and effects from light pollution, which can deter nesting females and disorient hatchlings.

Keep your eyes peeled on our turtle map on Tuesdays and Fridays as we update you on Abi’s location!