Welcome to our first weekly recap of the Great Canadian Turtle Race! We started this year’s race on November 1st and so our turtles have mostly left our rich, relatively shallow water of Canada and are starting the race over the deep ocean.

Remember: the race this year is about which turtle can swim the greatest distance before March 3, 2016 (UN World Wildlife Day).

Here is this week’s  summary!

  • Agile Abigail started the race 600 Km southeast of Nova Scotia (NS) but immediately sprinted 100 Km east before sweeping north. She has since veered south again, but has slowed; moving less than 20 Km/day.
  • Rev It Bev, the turtle who didn’t come home last year, is starting this race 3 600 Km southeast of NS; nearer to Africa than to North America. She has been moving at a moderate clip or about 50 Km/day and heading due south.
  • Cruisin’ Christie, initially starting 700 Km off the coast of NS, only had one transmission this week. Although she was moving fast, and was our faster swimmer this week at (> 100 Km/day!), she was heading east. We expect to see her begin to head south again shortly.
  • Sharon la petite démone, our racer who lingered in Canadian waters the longest, started the race just off the southern edge of the Grand Banks, 550 Km east of NS. She only transmitted a position once this week but this shows that she began swimming northeast, back towards the Grand Banks. She is moving slowly (22 Km/day) so maybe something’s caught her attention before she starts her sprint south.
  • Finally, our 2013 Great Canadian Turtle Race Champion, Red Rockette, who is joining us virtually as a pace-maker, starts this race 1 400 Km off the coast of NS. She spent the week heading sue south, moving the slowest of all of our racers this week. But she is making progress.

Keep watching our map. Updates on Tuesdays and Fridays and check in again every Friday for our race summary!